Monday, December 19, 2011

Beautiful, Smiling Faces of Saurath

Short clip of me trying to teach Bhavana's kids - Mittu and Madhu - a bit of English

It's amazing the power that a child's smile has.  Its ability to change one's outlook - and by that I mean both one's perspective, as well as one's physical looks (body language, facial expression etc.)

Seeing many of these smiling kids here in Saurath, and sheepishly testing out my Hindi (and my limited Methali - see above video) with them has really been the most rewarding part of my experience here outside of my work with the Women's Shop.

Now let me preface this by saying that I usually have some qualms about posting lots of pictures of smiling children living a harsh life of poverty - I guess I always thought the images lose true meaning and become almost cliche as they are used more and more in fundraising efforts to invoke certain emotions in the viewer.

BUT, I just can't help it and I feel compelled to share these.  

Most of these kids get incredibly excited to get their photos taken and go through fits of giggles and laughter upon seeing the image.  But as I've seen with others, their smile can be somewhat restrained - and I can't help but think it partly due to shyness, and partly to the fact that their life is one of scarcity where indulgence and overconsumption are not the norm.

I hope these bring a smile to your face as they did to mine:  

Meet Pooja (C), Manish (L) and Anjali (R) who I met while walking to Rangoli yesterday
Pooja, the eldest, seemed like a maternal figure for these two, encouraging them to smile & talk with me

Madhu (Bhavana's daughter) and I
Mittu (Bhavana's son) and friend

Meet Satyam - a friend of Mittu's
Kids so excited to be a part of the picture

Meet Shekhar - avid kite flyer :-)
Hangin' with Madhu  and her friend

Rakhee (daughter of Drishtee caretaker - Bhogi)
& friend
A few kids I met on a field visit

A group of Madhu & Mittu's friends the night after Rangoli's grand opening

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