Saturday, January 7, 2012

4 Hours on a Motorcycle (Saurath to Darbhanga)

Today I went on a scenic adventure from Saurath to the city of Darbhanga - about a 40 km distance - by bike.  Darbhanga is a larger city here in Bihar with a more active commercial sector.  Our goal was to search for suppliers with whom we can build a relationship for the women's shop, to ultimately reduce costs and improve the bottom line.  The following is what I saw along the way.

Note: I took these in motion, so the quality isn't the best.  But, words can only go so far, so hopefully these photos paint a better picture...

Kid riding around on his cattle
Family walking along the way
(I think the woman is carrying rice)

Ladies selling vegetables by the Darbhanga train station

Women passers-by

Ladies working on the khet
More kids and cattle

Kids being kids

Kids coming from the khet

Typical bus with special upper roof seating

Coming from the khet

Women passers-by (love the mix of colors)

More cattle and kids riding on cattle
Festive rickshaw

Road from Darbhanga back to Saurath

Darbhanga Raj palace

Darbhanga Raj palace

Signs for Computer & English classes are everywhere

Tempting ladoos in front of a mandir near the palace

Crowded streets of Darbhanga

Lots of detours due to road construction

Sparsely populated highway (many parts still under construction)

Leaving Saurath

Bathing the cattle

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