Friday, February 10, 2012

Rangoli's Special Events - Some Fun for the Ladies of Saurath


Embroidery (kadhai) competition on 8/2
Over the past month, we have been working on mobilizing the community around the women's shop concept and increasing our customer base by holding a few fun events at the shop!

On January 13th, we held a Mehndi Competition where young ladies competed to make the best design on their friend's hand for a special prize.  And on February 2nd, we held a Hair Styling Competition and Chou Chou (scrunchie) Training where the team from Japan led the group in making and designing some beautiful hair ties.  And most recently, on February 8th we held an Embroidery Competition where participants had to make the best embroidery design on a handkerchief in 1 hour.

Seeing these young ladies at work, I am really amazed by the talent here!  As someone with very little (read: absolutely zero) artistic ability, I can definitely appreciate how skilled and creative (and not to mention, resourceful!) so many of these girls are.

Here's a look at their beautiful creations:

Roly showing her mehndi design
Bhavana explaining the mehndi comp rules

Everybody focusing on finishing in time

Annu showing her mehndi design

Shruti & Shalini 

Minu - 2nd place winner!
Shikha - 1st place winner

Joking around after the comp

Hanging out after the comp

Chou Chou Making Training on 2/1

Quite a crowd!

Lots of girls came on their lunch break to see!
So cute!

Working hard!
All the training materials

Lots of smiles!
And having fun!

About to start the judging
ome final creations
The group with their creations

One more time

Pooja and I

So focused!

Hair styling competition

Young girl and her chou chou creation
Perfecting her creation

All the competitors

And again

One of the winners!

Discussion on sanitary napkins

Embroidery competition

Bhavana Jha - Rangoli store owner

Panoramic view -ish (still working on this!)

The event drew quite a crowd!

Asha Ji from the Drishtee office

Jyothi Kumari and her creation

Gudiya Kumari and hers

Shruti Kumari and hers
Baby Kumari and hers


1st place winner - Annu!

2nd place winner - Tannu Devi!

3rd place winner - Jyothi!

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